The NBS Approach

We've been providing IT projects to Alaskan businesses since 1987.  We believe in happy clients and successful projects.  We believe in managing the risk and planning for success.  We believe in listening to our client's issues and delivering the exact technology solution to solve the business problem.  We apply our unique 5-step process to ensure success.

I.  Scoping
 Identify your need, identify your guessing
We move off the solution and really listen.  We'll analyze your business needs instead of selling you an expensive fix that may not be right for your organization.  We'll let you do all the talking here... this is the time to uncover all the issues.

Deliverables:  statement of project scope, requirements estimate, recommended technical and project approach

II.  Requirements
 Define requirements based on your needs
Based on the project scope, a requirements specification will be written.  There won't be any surprises here - it will simply identify the exact requirements of your system.

Deliverables:  system requirements specification, design estimate, design project plan

IV.  Implementation
 Your vision comes to life
After designing the correct solution, a project plan will ensure successful implementation.  Here's the best part... your dream becomes a reality.

Deliverable:  implementation of your solution

V.  Ongoing Relationship
 Partnership, support, trust
Based on the success of your last project, you've come to trust NBS as your valuable partner.  You know you can count on us for all your office computing solutions.

Deliverable:  peace of mind