We can talk all day about our exemplary staff, high-level partnerships with world-class organizations, and our twenty-three year reputation.  But what matters mostl is what our customers have to say...

"...Your tech did an incredible job and things have been very, very smooth.   Our system is markedly improved and much faster..."   -Dr. F.

"...Your staff is positive and responsive, helpful and professional with excellent technical abilities.  Your staff ROCKS!"   -Ms. Linda P

"...You and your entire team continue to make a positive difference improving our skills and always providing sound IT guidance."  -Mr. Joe S.

"...I wanted to send thanks and give kudos to your techs for assisting us in resolving our network problems.  They have been great at responding to requests (especially after hours) and I appreciate their follow through."   - Ms. Elizabeth W.

"...I just wanted to pass on a genuine thank you to everyone who took part in trouble-shooting and fixing our server over the past few months.  It was an arduous task with many bumps - both hardware and software - in the road!  Thanks to everyone at NBS for the great work"   - Mr. Jeff M.


We help you make money.
You’ve got great ideas – now let us help you turn that idea into a reality.  Oftentimes, you just need the right technology to push ahead of your competition, increase your bottom line, and realize your business goals. 

We help you save money.
We can show you how to use technology to streamline your business processes.  Increased efficiency = increased profits and we’ve got years of experience and happy clients to prove it. 

Serving  since 1987.
We’ve been in this business for over twenty-three years.  We’re not a “fly by night” company and we’re not going anywhere.  Our longevity, experience, and relationships speak for themselves.  Rest assured, we are here to stay. 

Alaskan owned and operated.
We think doing business with Alaskan companies keeps our economy healthy.  We employ Alaskans, do business with Alaskans, and are proud to be Alaskans.

We answer the phone.
You won’t find any robotic operators or voice mail greetings when you call us.  Instead, your call will be answered and facilitated by a “real” person.  When you want to talk, we’re here to listen - give us a call at (907) 272-2888.

We hang out with the right crowd.
We think the company you keep speaks volumes.  We’ve achieved high level partnerships with world-class organizations such as Microsoft, Cisco, and NetApp (not so we can brag about how popular we are) but all in an effort to serve you better.    

We hire “extra-ordinary” people.
Our hiring process is rigorous for a reason.  We weed out the weak and choose only those “extra-ordinary” high achievers that stop at nothing short of greatness.  We find, hire, and train only top notch individuals.  Then, we work hard to keep them by delivering what we promised (some of our employees have been working together for decades).  Our crew holds all the necessary industry certifications (along with field experience) to get the job done right.

Our reputation is everything. 
Technology doesn’t always go as planned and when something unexpected happens, we rise to the challenge and mobile our resources to make it right.  Henry Ford once said, “You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do.”  We let our satisfied clients and twenty-three years of experience speak for themselves.